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Rules For How To Register Your Computer Education Institute in India, Now Get Your Training Centre Approval with Govt Licensed Best Organization.

The Term “Computer Institute Govt Registration” refers to the process of official approval and recognition granted by the government licensed organization to set up or start a computer education institution, ensuring its compliance with established online or offline affiliation standards and regulations across India.

To register a computer institute, gather necessary documents such as educational qualifications, identification records, and affiliation forms. Complete the application process by submitting these documents, ensuring they are duly attested, and following the institute’s registration guidelines.

Sarva I.T  LIC. No.2/114/T-1/08/D, Read with notification No. GSR 288(E) dated 31.5.1991 of Central Govt. of India, SMR/Govt of India/No.2285235/36 & also got International ISO 9001:2015 Certification & Approval for its Quality Management System.

SITED has an extensive network of premier registered or affiliated computer institute centers, spanning both village and city areas across India. All centers have earned prestigious computer institute registration certificates.

Where to Register Computer Center Institute Near Me?

To register a computer center institute near me, visit to inquire about the specific registration process and requirements. Additionally, explore online form for information on center registration and assistance.

For the top response on where to register a computer center institute in India near you, consider partnering with Sarva India, the leading provider for computer center registrations in the country. They stand out as the best option for registering your institute.

Registration Norms for Computer Training center

Registration Norms for Computer Training center in India, follow easy Steps & prescribed Procedure in India. To Download Form fill up online Inquiry & get centre affiliation code in 12 hours.

Adhere to the registration norms for a computer training center by ensuring compliance with educational qualifications, document attestation, and any specific guidelines set by regulatory authorities. Follow the prescribed procedures to meet the required standards for establishing and operating your training center.

Computer Institute Registration Document Requirements

Documents Prescribed for Starting, Register New Computer Center Institute:

  1. Download Center Registration Form.
  2. Fill Up All Required Details .
  3. Owner Aadhaar or PAN Card Copies.
  4. Color photos (3 Photo) Passport size.
  5. Director Educational Certificate Copy.
  6. Send & Attach All Documents by Email.
  7. One time Low Institute Franchise Process Fee.
  8. Get Registration Certificate within 12 Hours.
  9. Develop With Best No.1 Network of Bharat.


8 Steps on how to register own skill Computer Institute in India:-

  • 1st Steps: Before Centre Set up watch Competition.
  • 2nd Step: Choose Location near by School, I.T.I, College.
  • 3rd Step: Select Easily Reachable Centre Location.
  • 4rd Step: 3 Computers To Register Institute in India.
  • 5th Step: Only 1 Room Require (Rented or Self Owned).
  • 6th Step: Purchase Best Quality Furniture (4 tables & 10 chairs).
  • 7th Step: Manage Following Facility (Fresh Water, Internet Connectivity, Printer.)
  • 8th Step:  If your can’t Teach, Then Hire Qualified Teacher.


Computer Education Center Registration Fee

Sarva Education Charges Onetime* Very Low Computer Center Registration Fee in India.  Affiliation Fee Plan Starts From Rs. 4500 to 7500/- Registration Fee depends upon courses Plan selected by concerned centre. Special Discout offer is also given on time to time.

Benefits on Computer Institute Registration with top franchise in India

  1. Brand Association: Registration with a top franchise in India provides a computer institute with a valuable brand association, leveraging the franchise’s reputation for quality education.
  2. Curriculum Support: Franchises often offer standardized and well-developed free e-books materials, easing the burden on the institute to create content and ensuring a consistent level of education.
  3. Marketing Assistance: Being part of a top franchise includes online marketing support, potentially leading to increased visibility, student enrollment, and overall business growth for the computer institute.
  4. Training Programs: Franchises typically offer training programs syllabus, ensuring that the institute’s team is well-equipped to deliver the franchise’s educational standards effectively.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Joining a top franchise provides access to a network of other affiliated institutes, fostering collaboration, sharing of best practices, and staying updated on industry trends.
  6. Streamlined Operations: Franchises often provide operational guidelines and support, streamlining administrative processes, and helping the computer institute focus more on delivering quality education.

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