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Council For Computer Education Franchise in India

Team For- Computer Training Franchises

Sarva Education (SITED) has created “Computer Training Franchise”  Team for Computer Saksharta Mission, Skill Development Programme, Computer Education Courses, social welfare works, legal works  to advise/guide upon- Affiliation For Computer Education Institute & Low Fee Computer Center franchise, Computer Franchise, Computer Education Center Registration, It Training Franchise, Computer Training Institute Franchise, Computer Training Center Registration, Computer Training Center Business Registration, Computer Study Center Affiliation, Computer Center Affiliation, Computer Institute Affiliation, Computer Training Franchise Opportunities, Computer Education Franchise, Computer Institute Franchise & Computer Center Franchise.

To  Start/Open “Computer Training Franchise” Centre with low investment, to maintain the working of our organization on national domain, to spread Computer Education, Digital Education, Skill Development Training, among the needy/poor/unemployed people of India, to scrutinize the working of organization, to introduce new computer education courses as per present & future market trend/scenario.

Every year we update/constitute new advisory Team. Below mentioned are the members of our advisory committees at present- who advise our branded organization to promote computer education affiliation & low computer franchisee offer model in India.:-


Computer Saksharta Mission Advisory Team

  • Adv. Ajay Rana-H.P
  • Mr. O.C Sood-H.P
  • Mr. Yogesh-Maharashtra
  • Mr. Devinder Thakur-Punjab
  • Mr. Deepak Kumar-H.P
  • Mr. Janak Singh-New Delhi
  • Mr. Akshay-Maharashtra-Mub
  • Mr. Raghavendra BR-Karnataka
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar-Noida-UP


Social welfare Advisory Team

  • Mr. Shashi Thakur –Ludhiana-PB
  • Mr. Jatin –Amritsar-PB
  • Mr. Yograj –New Delhi
  • Mr. Gurdev Singh –Punjab
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar – H.P
  • Mr. Dharampal- New Delhi
  • Mr. Ravi- Faridabad- Haryana
  • Mr. Kulwant- Palampur- HP
  • Mr. Arun Kumar- Amritsar-Punjab


Legal Works Advisory Team

  • Adv. Kashyap Khandagale (Pune-Maharashtra)
  • Adv. Preetpal Singh (Chandigarh)
  • Adv. Suresh Kumar (Mumbai-High Court)
  • Adv. Dushyant Dadwal (High Court)
  • Adv. Rajan Sharma (District Court)
  • Adv. Ajay Kumar (District Court)
  • Adv. Pankaj (District Court)
  • C.A/C.S Subhash Saini

Above mentioned Team (Committee) of Sarva Education-India created for advising upon Computer Training Franchises, Affiliation, Registration & Low Computer Franchisee Business Plan. Hurry UP! Join our No.1 Reputed/branded computer education franchise organization| top computer franchise organization | Trusted computer franchise organization | ISO certified computer Education organization | Government certified organization in India.


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